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Bartek Zambrzycki


Bartek Zambrzycki

Warsaw, Poland 


Yokomo YZ-2DTM, Yokomo YZ-2CA, Yokomo YZ-4FS, Yokomo BD8-18

Yokomo YZ-4SF

Way too many!!!

European Junior Champion

Best time! Friends! Family!



Polish Nationals Rd7 finale

This past weekend during the MotoBike Show in the same Warsaw Expo exhibition hall as the Polish EOS round, the Polish Nationals Off-road Round 7 Finale took place. It was an EOS style track on carpet with many familiar features and using the same Schumacher controlled tyres that the EOS series has. 

Three scheduled days of racing commenced. Friday – free practice, Saturday - 2 controlled practices 4 qualifications, Sunday – last qualification (3 counted for qualifying), and 3 Main runs.

The event was spread over 3 days to attract spectators visiting the largest MotoBike Show in this part of world.

Saturday’s qualifiers were headed by Michal Orlowski (Schumacher), followed by Bartek Zambrzycki and Sebastian Migal (Shumacher)/Jakub Luczak (Xray).

During Sundays runs (qualification and Mains) in the absence of Michal Orlowski, Defending 2017 Polish Champion - Bartek Zambrzycki took all the wins and showed unquestionable dominancy in both classes. Bartek would be followed home by Bartek Zalewski in both classes, while Wojciech Rzepecki and Jakub Luck rounded off their respected podium finishes.


1 – Bartek Zambrzycki (Yokomo)

2 – Bartek Zalewski (Xray)

3 – Wojciech Rzepecki (Schumacher)


1 – Bartek Zambrzycki (Yokomo)

2 – Bartek Zalewski (Xray)

3 – Jakub Luczak (Xray)

Event organized and managed by Niko from ATA...