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Jon Philpott


John Philpott

Melbourne, Australia


Yokomo YZ-2DTM, Yokomo YZ-4FS

Yokomo BMAX 4 II WC

Racing at the worlds in China with Lee, Tom Cockerill and the Aussie team

2014 Off-road Nationals A Finalist 9th Place 4wd
2014 NSW state titles 9th 4wd 8th place 2wd
2015 Keilor Invitational 7th place.
75th 2017 Ifmar worlds 4wd
82nd 2017 Ifmar worlds 2wd
2018 Keilor Invitational open 4wd 1st place and 2wd 2nd place.​​​​​​​

The product designs are cool and unique from other brands.
And Lee is a top bloke